Dressage without a saddle

Dressage Saddle SoldI heard from a little birdie that my mom, Una, sold my dressage saddle last night. Wait, she will get me a new one, right??? She does realize we HAVE to have a saddle to show in dressage I hope. I’m a horse and even I know that is the rule.

Anyways, in the interim our trainer is nice enough to share her saddle with us, and it’s pretty comfy so that is nice. But I heard Una joke about using her western saddle on me as a joke for a lesson. I’m not sure how I feel about that, although western does allow TONS more bling which could be fun: maybe blind the trainer in the lesson so I get an easy day?

Anyways, it looks like I will have to undergo the fitting process again. It’s pretty easy for me, I just stand there and look handsome for most of the process; well, until we find some my mom likes enough to try out and then I get a bunch of short little easy rides. Una, on the other hand, has to tote around saddles and work with another human, called a saddle fitter, to make sure they fit me OK and that I will be comfortable. I’m sure I will get tons of sugar cubes during the process so I’m excited.

Look forward to updates about my saddle fitting and what my mom chooses in the near future!