Mom’s USDF Bronze Medal Came

USDF Bronze Medal on a Rescue HorseMom got her USDF Bronze Medal in the mail today. She’s pretty excited over it. It’s actually kind of cute. I only get that excited over grain, and flying changes. Anyways; back to Mom. She’s worked really hard at this and it only took us 2 years to accomplish it. Now she said our next goal is a Silver Medal. I’m not sure what that entails yet but if it encompasses all the flying changes we have been practicing concurrently, then AWESOME!!!

Really anything that involves mom being happy over me and giving me cookies is basically fantastic. So if someone else can let her know about other medals she can earn, I would be greatly appreciative. I will take any reason to get cookies I can get!

If you aren’t familiar with the USDF Medals you can learn more here.