Dressage Horse Swap

Dressage Horse SwapUna, Fritz’s mom, here. Today my friend and I agreed to swap horses for part of our lessons today. It gave us both a chance to work on things we struggle with on our own horse; that the other’s horse is fantastic at. We are lucky that we are both schooling the same level; although I hate the idea of competing against each other come show season.

I got to work on a lot, but the most important to me were the canter half pass, canter haunches in and extended trot. Her horse really excels at lateral work and it was fantastic to just be able to feel my seat move with her as she gave me some really great lateral work. And MAN can she do a really nice Medium/Extended trot. It was nice to feel the hang time and see what I should be looking for with Fritz and see where I am possibly blocking him, too.

Fritz helped my friend with feeling the flying changes and tempis and probably made her appreciate how effortlessly her horse does lateral work LOL! I definitely appreciate more how just plain easy Fritz is with the changes.

Both horses are very conformationally different (is conformationally even a word?) and have much different strengths and weaknesses. And it is FANTASTIC as a rider to experience different horses and broaden your riding horizons and skills. If you have the chance to swap horses with a friend or even take a lesson on your trainer’s horse I highly recommend it.

Happy riding!