Dressage Boot Camp Again

Dressage Boot CampMy mom has apparently gone off to boot camp again, because here I sit in dressage boot camp with my trainer. AND because of the massive quantities of snow, we have been inside for 2 days straight. How am I expected to behave under saddle and not be overly exuberant during FLYING lead changes with 2 days worth of crazy redheaded energy pent up? They are called FLYING lead changes for a reason, right?

Also, mom’s friends have been helping “take care of me” since she is not around… I cannot say I dislike it. They are taking photos and videos of me for her (although some are quite embarrassing), and in the process giving me LOADS of treats. I will do just about anything for treats.

I wonder if mom will be surprised by my progress when she gets back. I’m working really hard at earning sugar cubes, so I bet she will be impressed!