After a short hiatus… Rescue PSG!

PSG (Prix St Georges)Well Mom went to work out of state for nearly 2 weeks which meant I was stuck in bootcamp for the entire time. But then *heavens open, angels sing* my trainer went on vacation for 5 days. Do you understand what 5 days of no work is like? AMAZING!! Especially for this red headed fire breathing dragon.

But then *dum, dum, dum…* they both came back. I tried convincing them (with antics) for 2 days solid that this much work wasn’t needed and there are monsters in the arena, and we should all go on vacation permanently but it didn’t work.

After my fire breathing red headed dragon impersonation didn’t work, we started working nicely as a team again, although mom *might* have gotten a little clumsy with her time off. She was clearly NOT in bootcamp. Well, today is day 5 or 6 (I lost count) of work and my trainer rode me today because mom was stuck working. She tried the PSG test and said I “Rocked Out a super PSG Test” when reporting back to mom. In case you are unsure what PSG is, it is the Prix St Georges test at the FEI level of dressage.

Which is pretty cool for a rescue horse, if you ask me!

What’s involved in the PSG Test…