What’s This?? Cavaletti for a dressage horse?

Cavaletti for a dressage horseMost appropriate cartoon ever. My mom busted out some of these “cavaletti” things Monday night and told me that cavaletti for a dressage horse is a good thing. I pretended I have never done them before by running through and over them, putting them in the wrong place and making more work for mom.

She clearly remembered we have done them together before. So after making her rearrange them a few (dozen) times, I decided to cooperate because I wasn’t getting out of work.

Apparently this is good for making me pick up my feet, lift my back, carry myself, not be clumsy, gain suspension and overall be a better dressage horse. All I know is after 20 minutes i was pooped! Who’d have thought lifting your feet those few extra inches and high stepping ground poles would be so hard.

Let’s hope that got it out of her system and they stay away for awhile.