Trail Riding isn’t as easy as a Dressage Horse would think…

Dressage Horses Trail RidingMom took me on a trail ride yesterday with one of our friends. I got really excited to get out of the sandbox, trails are one of my favorite things ever. But considering it’s been winter, I forgot how exhausting trail rides really are! Uneven footing, hills, cacti to dodge, prairie dog holes to dodge, random cows (I love cows!!!), bushes to dodge, etc! Dressage Horses Trail Riding is possibly the most fun you can have though!

I kept hearing mention of how nice my walk was while we were on trail, and that I should practice that walk more often. Something about marching and swinging through my shoulders. We even got to trot some, the only thing that would have made it better was if mom let me gallop and buck with her!

We only rode for about an hour, and most of it was walking – but I was ready for a nap afterwards. I hope the weather stays nice so we can start trail riding again more often!