I’ve been too pooped to write anything!

Fritz the Rescue Horse goes FEIA couple weeks ago, mom and I switched barns/trainers. WOW, I thought I was working hard before. I was clearly wrong. I’M POOPED. But this is a different type of work. And I would possibly complain but everyone is so nice to me, and mom appears to be just as tired after lessons as I am, so I won’t! But Mom is happy about being tired, I don’t really get it? I have made some new buds… and I also have learned that no matter how nice you are to some people (ponies) they don’t want to be your friend. But that’s OK, I will keep trying. Eventually my handsome redheaded self will win them over – I mean.. How could you resist this face????

Anyways. Even though this work is harder in a way, I am being told that it will make everything else I do be easier. And I like easy. A lot. Almost as much as I like cookies. Mom keeps saying how much my gaits have improved, and how much easier a half-halt is. I will say that this whole “seat induced half halt thing” is pretty neat. If I had cookies to give my mom for that, I probably would. Anyone know where I can get human cookies?

Be on the lookout for future reports on this *things getting easier* stuff.