Funny Horse Facts

Funny Horse Facts

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Funny Horse Facts & Trivia:

The average horse weighs about a half a ton, its brain is the size of a baked potato.

A horse’s hoof is analogous to the human fingernail.

Horses stand on their middle fingers!

Some of the equine family’s closest relatives are tapirs and the rhinoceros.

A horse can poop up to 14 times a day!

Horses cannot vomit.

Most of the time, a horse’s ear points where the horse is looking.

Horses can lock the muscles in their legs so they can go to sleep standing up and not fall over.

In the wild horse world, the mare decides (dang right!) when and where the herd will go while the stallion follows.

When spoken to, horses distinguish tones rather than particular words.

Horses can drink up to ten gallons of water a day.

A horse can see better at night than a human. However, it takes a horse’s eyes longer to adjust from light to dark and from dark to light than a human’s.

A different image is seen by each horse’s eye so a horse is seeing two different pictures at the same time.

A horse can see completely around its entire body except for small blind spots directly in front of its face, underneath its head, and directly behind itself.

Horses evolved in North America but became extinct here about 16000 years ago. “Wild” horses in the Americas are descended from horses brought over by Europeans.

Horses cannot breathe through their mouths.

A horse’s age can usually be accurately determined by its teeth until the horse is about 9 years old.

Horses produce approximately 10 gallons of saliva a day.

The average horse’s heart weighs approximately 9 or 10 pounds.

The smallest breeds are the Falabellas of Argentina. The tallest breed is the Shire, from England.

There are over 300 different breeds of horses and ponies around the world.

It is estimated that there are about 750 million horses in the world.

The tallest horse on record was a Shire named Samson. He was 21.2 hands (7 feet, 2 inches) tall. He was born in 1846 in Toddington Mills, England.

The oldest horse on record is “Old Billy,” an English barge horse. He was 62 years old when he died, living from 1760 to 1822.

The record for the highest jump made by a horse is held by a horse named Huaso who jumped 8 feet, 1 and 1/4 inches on February 5th, 1949 in Vina del Mar, Chile. He was ridden by Captain Alberto Larraguibel.

The record for the longest jump over water is held by a horse named So mething who jumped 27 feet, 6 and 3/4 inches on April 25, 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was ridden by Andre Ferreira.

Samson is also recorded as the “HEAVIEST” horse weighing 1524kg (3360lbs)

World Record “LOG PULLING” was set in 1893. 2 Clydesdale Stallions hauled a sledge stacked with timber weighing 128 tonnes. The equivalent of pulling 22 African Elephants.

Riders usually mount from the nearside of a horse? Well, in olden days men used to wear scabbards for their swords on their left hip (so they could draw the sword quickly with their right hand. If they had got on from the other side of the horse the sword would have got in the way!