The word of the day “Rideability”.

Dressage RideabilityUna here! I have been thinking a lot lately about the word “rideability” and what it means to me, and in the last month that definition has drastically changed.

I used to think that rideability was me being able to duplicate a movement that my horse was trained to do under my trainer’s seat, even if it wasn’t necessarily as good as when my trainer did it on the horse.

In the last month that definition has changed, a lot. I still think that my old understanding is partially true. HOWEVER, there are a lot more things that go along with it. Not only should you be able to duplicate what your trainer can do (just as well as them), you should be able to make your horse better at it and easier to ride through the movement every single time you do it. Not need your horse to be tuned up after you ride. Or not need to be tuned up before you get on.

The statement has never rung more true to me: “With every ride you are either training your horse, or undoing training.” For once, I feel like I am aiding in the training of my horse. I have ridden him 8 of his last 9 rides, and he has become easier to ride each day. His movements have become more solid each day. His gaits have improved each day. And I am absolutely taking credit for a lot of that, granted I have had fantastic instruction while doing so, and am so thankful to have it!

I never knew how FUN it was to experience your HORSE having “ah hah” moments. I knew how cool it was as a rider to have them, but MAN it’s addictive when your horse has them.

I can’t wait to see what another month brings us! FEI, here we come!