Do you ever have one of those rides?

Brown Is The New BlackDo you ever have one of those rides? You know the ones… Where it goes SO WELL you could just cry. That was tonight. Fritz & I have been through some ups and downs the last few months with changing trainers once, only to have to change trainers again just 2 months later due to unforeseen circumstances. Needless to say our momentum and overall workflow have had a few hiccups and I felt as though we lost our stride through it all.

Well just 1.5 weeks ago our new Equipe Saddle arrived, as did our new double bridle and fun accoutrements. New tack always makes riding more fun. Because well, who doesn’t love new tack. And I absolutely am giving some of the credit for tonight’s ride to the new saddle; I can definitely communicate better with Fritz in it, and my position is MUCH better in it.

I normally do some warm-up work in the trot to get my ride started off. Tonight I went right into the canter, did some collection to forward work. Then immediately went into the flying changes. The singles were nice and on my aids, straight, and BIG! So I went for 4 tempis. Fritz was really on my seat and straight. He gave me some big punchy changes right on the aids across the diagonal. I didn’t want to drill the tempis since he was SOO GOOD, so he got a walk break while I decided what to work on next. Next up was half pirouettes, and at first I was struggling getting him around, so we took it down a minute and did some walk pirouettes. As soon as I went back into the canter and asked for him to sit and turn, he went around beautifully! So we went into the trot, did some lateral work, which he responded wonderfully. So I quit, I just hopped off and gave him a TON of sugar. It wasn’t a very long ride but MAN was it fantastic, and he earned a fast ride with how good he was! Tonight’s ride made all the struggles of the last couple months melt away. I can’t wait to ride again tomorrow and see if I can duplicate some of the efforts from tonight.

I am so thankful to have this horse in my life, things haven’t always been easy, but MAN has every single step been worth it.