Who Doesn’t Love New Tack?

Equipe Olympia Saddle in BrownA few months ago we had Equipe Central USA out to help us find a new saddle. After riding in many other brands, many of which irritated my bad back, Equipe was super comfortable and a nice change! After test riding multiple Equipe saddles, we chose one. (Yes, I really mean “we”. Fritz had a big say in this decision!) We decided on the Equipe Olympia. And the one we happened to test ride in was a lovely brown color. Mind you I had my heart set on black tack & a grey shadbelly. This brown was SO LOVELY on Fritz i had to order the saddle in brown. And then of course because nothing else I owned was brown, I needed new tack. I got a new bridle, and stirrup leathers through Equipe in matching brown along with the saddle.

The tack arrive just under 2 weeks ago. I AM IN LOVE. My position has improved tenfold, I can feel Fritz better, it fits him fantastically, , it is VERY comfortable to ride in, and it is GORGEOUS! I am struggling less asking for (and getting) the harder movements, Fritz is moving out much better. The best money I’ve ever spent! I am Equipe rider for life <3.

Brown Is The New BlackThe saddle is *flocked* (term used loosely) with a memory foam. So provided you buy one with a tree that fits the horse, the memory foam automatically adjusts to changes in muscling every single ride. Which means you don’t actually need to re-flock the saddle. Ever. Another benefit to the saddles from Equipe is that the foam panels can be re-made to fit a new horse if the need arises for a reasonable cost (assuming the horse needs the same overall tree shape). AND many of the saddles come with a lifetime warranty on the tree. If you are in the market for a saddle, I highly recommend reaching out to Jackie from Equipe Central USA; she is knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding of the horse AND rider’s needs.


Equipe Double BridleAnd, even cooler, Fritz & Valegro have the same double bridle (although ours is brown).