Rider Awards: Gold Medal

USDF MedalsRider medals (bronze, silver, and gold) are awarded based on attaining the required scores at the necessary levels. Today we will discuss the Gold Medal.

The Gold medal is awarded based on upper Level test scores. You must acquire four scores of 60% or higher:

  • 2 scores at Intermediate I, Intermediate A, Intermediate B, and/or Intermediate II Level (2 different rides & 2 different judges)
  • 2 scores at Grand Prix Level (2 different rides & 2 different judges)

Some important notes are that it can be any test in the level (does not have to be the highest test of the level). USEF National Young Adult “Brentine Cup” Test = Intermediate II. FEI Young Rider Grand Prix 16-25 Test = Grand Prix.

Certificates are are issued after application is received and verified by USDF. The medal will be presented at the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention, if you cannot attend the convention the medal will be mailed to you aafterwards.