Dublin River Boots Product Review

Dublin River BootsSo about a year ago on the lookout for some good all-around barn boots. They had to be waterproof, be knee-high and be warm and comfy. After asking around; it seemed most people recommended the Dublin River Boots. Plus, for a barn boot they are pretty cute! So I decided to go at least try them on for size at my local Dover Saddlery.

After trying them on, I was impressed by the quality of the materials used as well as how durable they seemed while remaining comfortable. I decided to buy them and try them out for real. I wore them immediately. Overall they were pretty comfortable from the get-go; however for the first week they definitely rubbed my ankles sore. But the break in for me was only about a week, keep in mind I did a decent amount of walking in them during that time frame.

Now that they are broken in, they are super comfortable. I even tried to soak them enough to see if I could get my feet wet, and they held fast which is a huge bonus. You never know how water proof something really is going to be until your feet are submerged for the first time. They keep my feet warm in the blistering cold and snow. I don’t feel that my feet get overly hot in the summer. And did I mention they are comfortabe?

They are made out of a soft leather, have great rubber traction on the bottom, are pretty light weight and are even able to be adjusted slightly to keep them tight towards the top of the calf. I still haven’t felt my feet get wet in them. I would buy them again!

Happy Riding!