Taking a Moment to be Appreciative

appreciationhandI just want to take a moment to be really appreciative of my big furry friend, Fritz. It’s hard to believe he is the same horse as 2 years ago, let alone 6 years ago. As many of you are probably aware, he has always been on the hotter side with plenty of opinions and because of this I lunge before every single ride. Partially for ease of mind, and partially because I just cannot afford another bad fall.

The last few weeks we have been working together fantastically and I decided to try giving a ride with no lunging beforehand. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t EXTREMELY nervous. And you know what? He was a rockstar. I was really impressed with how well he worked for me and how well behaved he was.

Then, as sometimes happens, life got in the way. Fritz got 3 days off before I could ride again. He was pretty calm getting tacked up so I said *heck why not* and didn’t lunge before I rode. He was fantastic again. Then because life was still happening, there was another 4 days off before I could ride again. I again gave him the benefit of the doubt (although I will admit I put him in the round pen for a circle or two and once I realized he was super mellow just took him to the arena) and hopped on without our normal lunge warmup. He was fantastic. We literally had guns going off behind the arena and he didn’t bat an eye. Trucks with trailers driving around the arena and not a step out of place.

I cannot even tell you what a huge step this is for us. I love that I can develop even MORE trust in this horse than I already have, and really just develop our partnership together. Dressage is a humbling experience anyways, but dressage with Fritz has really made me humble and appreciative of the small things. #TakeTimeToBeAppreciative