Volunteers at Dressage Shows: Say Thanks to Them and Be a Volunteer!

VolunteerDid you know that the ring stewards, warm-up stewards, scribes, bit checkers, runners, and many other people at a dressage show are volunteers? They are taking time out of their life to try and make sure you have a successful show! So try to take the extra second as you walk by after your test, to tell them thanks for volunteering! You wouldn’t have a show if there were no volunteers. Also please try to keep in mind that these people have no control over the traffic in the warm-up arena, the footing, any short delays you may encounter, and especially the weather!

Did you also know that volunteers at a horse show are sometimes hard to come by? So if you are at a show and have a couple extra hours on your hands (or know you will before the show), get in touch with show management and let them know you would love to help. Or if you know you won’t be showing at a show and can spare a 1/2 day or a full day, let the show management know. Not only will they be very appreciative, so will the competitors. Sometimes show management will even offer to pay for a hotel room if you volunteer multiple days in a row, or offer other benefits for being a volunteer!