Product Review: Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff

Hay Wheres That Blue Stuff (2)So we (ok, I) recently heard about a product called “Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff“. It is for treating fungus on horses. I have tried just about everything on Fritz to get rid of some persistent leg fungus. Mind you he didn’t have the flaky, peely, gross fungus on the majority of the area.. he had black deep rooted fungus that was really ugly and seemed to bother Fritz when scrubbed and WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I initially tried my go-to, Fungasol, which did nothing. I tried Schreiner’s Herbal, to no avail. I also tried the spray that turns their legs blue/purple; which didn’t help AND his legs were purple for a couple weeks (we were both embarrassed). I tried scrubbing with betadine regularly, which also didn’t help. So I decided to give this *Blue Stuff* a shot since there are so many great reviews about it and I had nothing to lose. I used the Fungus Amungus Wash & also the Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff Lotion.

And I was NOT LET DOWN! After the first scrub with the Fungus Amungus, his legs already felt better. Not so gunky when I got my nails in there, although they looked the same. I was curious if the lotion would turn his legs blue, and that was not the case. After scrub 2, the black was actually starting to be removed slightly (I thought I was seeing things, because there is no way it could work that fast???). Fast forward to a week later and his legs were glistening white and not an ounce of the black deep awful fungus to be found. What made this even better is that the products didn’t seem to bother Fritz at all. With some of the other products, Fritz would get a little temperamental about the spraying or scrubbing; I assume it must have stung. With these products, he stood there as if I was doing nothing to him at all. I will definitely keep this stuff on hand for any future fungus needs (which, let’s be honest, I hope to never have a need for it again, but am really glad I found it!).

Before & After photos. Remember to keep in mind, he didn’t really have any flaking or hair loss due to his fungus. Just really ugly black areas that felt like they were caked with something.