We Were Selected for the USDF Region 5 Clinic

screenshot_20160913-185841Fritz and I are pretty excited, we were selected to ride in the USDF Region 5 Kathy Connelly & Betsy Steiner clinic. Out of 22 applicants, only 8 were selected. I feel honored to be among those 8! Only a little over 2 weeks away before the clinic to prepare!

*deep breaths*

Did I mention we are also a little nervous? There will be quite a few auditors! It’s one thing to ride for a clinician, it’s another to ride with a bunch of strangers watching you! The goal of the clinic is to provide a great educational experience for the auditors, so hopefully we don’t let them down!

Cheers to learning and becoming a better partnership. And a HUGE thanks to our trainer, Julie, for pushing us to apply for the clinic!