Bittersweet News about the Upcoming USDF Clinic for Fritz & I.

20161003_222557I had sort of a rough start to my birthday weekend this past weekend. Unfortunately, Fritz will not be able to participate in the upcoming USDF Region 5 Clinic. We have been battling some hind end concerns, and at the moment the best decision for Fritz is to let him take a vacation for a couple of months. He will be living in the lap of luxury and enjoying life immensely while we get him sorted out and *hopefully* better than ever! (I will take any jingles you are willing to send our way). Although it is still a huge bummer that my big redheaded pony is out of commission at the moment and can’t take advantage of such an amazing opportunity directly; he will eventually benefit from it because I still get to attend and ride in the clinic.

With that being said, I am one of the most loved people on the face of the planet, or it sure feels that way. My amazingly kind and supportive trainer, Julie, didn’t want me to miss out on this AWESOME learning opportunity and is letting me pretend her I2 horse is mine for the weekend (and boy is he the sweetest, most forgiving, guy ever). I don’t have enough words to convey how thankful I am to her for how kind of an offer this is. Not many trainers would offer something like that. Even luckier, USDF is allowing the horse change, so many thanks to them for that. And even LUCKIER, is the fact I had SOO MANY people support me and my decision to let Fritz have the time off, not to push him into the clinic, and to be there when I needed a hug or just some support.

So here’s to my pony feeling better, and my education. Beyond lucky & blessed. <3