Do I or Don’t I? #ICANTEVEN

So with my horse being off work/in rehab for over 3 months now. I am feeling just a *weeeeeeeeee* bit out of shape. So I googled things to get in shape for riding… I don’t know if i can even cope with this…

Something about this statement tells me that myself NOR my horse will appreciate the effects of this workout… “Work out while you watch TV with our innovative exercise equipment for abs and thighs.”

And then… just as I thought I’d give up, Amazon suggested this..  any better? I think not. Lord, help us all. (If you don’t want to click… “The Rodeo Core Fitness Core Trainer strengthens your core while toning your legs!” aka you can also watch TV while doing this one…)

Fritz, please be ready for a full workout soon. The cabin fever might just kill me otherwise.