It’s Official – We’ve Entered a Show at PSG!

PSG FEI ShowI’m so excited I could cry or throw up, I’m not sure which. Fritz and I are entered in our first show at the FEI levels, doing Prix St. George! Even better it is a show to benefit breast cancer, to which my mom is a survivor of. (If you want to sponsor this amazing event to benefit breast cancer, click here.)

While I had hoped this would have happened last year, lameness issues and trainer changes prevented that. But it has given us more time to prepare and make things even better! The horse I have this year is SO MUCH different than the horse I had last year, and I attribute that to proper training and schooling and really developing our basics better. He’s really grown and developed, I’m so proud of the horse he is no matter how we do. I just hope I can pilot him well enough to show off his stuff!

And for the love of God, everyone hide your umbrellas, PLEASE! lol