We’re going to be on TV!

Photo Credit: Heidi Melocco

Fritz (and I) are going to be famous! We are going to be featured on Julie Goodnight’s show “Horse Master” on RFD TV. I’m not totally sure when the episode(s) will air, however next Wednesday, July 19, Fritz and I are heading to Julie’s facility in Salida, Colorado for filming! We will be working with Julie Goodnight & Dale Myler (of Myler Bits) for the day of filming!  We will be focusing on the full bridle in an upper level Dressage horse compared to a Western bridle horse. It should prove to be a really fun and educational experience for me and anyone that watches!

As if Fritz didn’t already think he was a superstar, this is going to REALLY up his ego! And his cookie requirements. So excited and thankful for such a neat opportunity! #RescueHorseThatCould

I’ll share more details as I get them about the episode we will be featured on, when it will air on tv, etc.

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