A successful day of filming!

Dressage on Julie Goodnight's Horse MasterFritz and I made the trek to Julie Goodnight’s Facility in Salida, CO on Tuesday evening. As you may remember, we went to film our episodes of Horse Master (there will be 2), with Julie Goodnight and Dale Myler. Once we arrived, it felt like the red carpet was rolled out (but with horses around that would obviously be impractical LOL). I got Fritz all settled in and then met most of the crew, Julie, and Dale. We ate dinner together outside under a beautiful sunset (the property is in a stunning location).

Fast forward to shoot day! I won’t put any spoilers here, but wanted to share the experience with you. I know Fritz (and I) have a lot of supporters and I want to share the journey with you.

Wednesday morning we got started at about 6:30am. The team helped me with my outfit, got me mic’d up, we ate breakfast, had coffee, and chatted about the day’s plans. The day started out with a chat about myself, Fritz, the snaffle and double bridle in a dressage horse (or any horse, really), and many other items! I was a little nervous about everything because I’d never done anything like this before. But the whole team made me feel at ease and it was just as simple as sitting down with new friends and having a normal conversation. No scripts to memorize, no coaching on how to respond, etc. Completely natural!

Next up we started the riding portion of the shoot. I got Fritz all tacked up (and there was no lack of help when needed). When we first got in the arena Fritz was a bit amped up and definitely tense, but he was a really well behaved pony. Throughout the shoot, he relaxed more and more. We rode for quite a while and had a bunch of *wardrobe changes*, as well as a lunch break in the middle of the riding portion. We rode pretty hard for (guesstimate) 2+ hours total for the day! And stayed tacked up for even longer in between shoots. Fritz was an absolutely ROCK STAR. I think he liked the attention, and sugar cubes. I learned a lot, and had a great time. Also, I need a “pit crew” like this for horse shows from now on LOL. MAN did it make life easier! Fritz would agree.

After all the riding, a thunderstorm storm blew in and we got a break for a little while before we could finish with the final thoughts interview. It was well earned, let me tell you. The final interview was great. Again, just like chatting with a friend. We finished (for me anyways) around 6pm. And I got to remove the mic! It’s a pretty exciting thing to remove your mic, you see, because then you can go to the bathroom without fear of leaving it on for people to hear, or dropping it in the toilet, or tucking wires back in when you are all done! LOL.

After everyone was done filming we ate dinner together, hung out, and enjoyed each other’s company. I tucked my pony in for the night and got quite possibly the best night’s sleep I have ever had.

Thursday morning I got my trailer packed up, ate a small breakfast, said my goodbyes, loaded Fritz, and got on the road. I got to reflect on the experience during my 3.5 hour drive home – through absolutely gorgeous scenery. I made some wonderful friends during my experience, I learned a lot, and I am thankful for the opportunity.

I cannot thank the Horse Master RFD TV team enough for making the experience so positive and effortless. I am so thankful to be able to call all of them friends now. Thanks Julie for having me on your show! It was a real honor. I can’t wait to watch the episodes once they air!