Animal Communication

Horse CommunicationI have been slacking lately on my posts! That whole life thing getting in the way. Recently I worked with Lisa Holbrook of Soul Discussions and did a communication session with Fritz. Whether you believe in animal communication or not – I think we can all agree we wish that we could more effectively communicate with our horses (or ANY of our pets). Learn what they are thinking, see if they have any concerns, make sure they are happy.

Lisa also happens to be Fritz’s equine phsyio therapist, so she has a great relationship with him. Lisa and I spent time on the phone recently together talking to Fritz. Well, she did all the talking! I just gave her questions and listened to her communications.

It was nothing short of educational and informative. Lisa let me know (not in these exact words) that when Fritz went to drink he was basically chugging his water because of some flying bug that was pestering him while he was at the waterer so he wanted to fill up each time so he had to make less trips to the waterer. Wasps or something of the sort. Not a week later, my barn owner told me she found a wasp nest not very far from were Fritz’s water is! And I hadn’t even told her about the communication session so she didn’t know to look for it. I got some other great tidbits from Lisa too! It prompted me to start doing stretches again with Fritz (I had gotten lazy about them), and you could immediately see how much he enjoyed them.

If you are looking for a new way to communicate with your horse, or other pet; I highly recommend giving Lisa a call or email! Her website is