The Episode’s Aired!

Una Schade on RFD TV with FritzAs you know we filmed a couple episodes of “Horse Master” with Julie Goodnight in 2017. Well, episode 1 has already aired and episode 2 is airing today/tonight (Noon and 8PM MST – full RFD TV Schedule can be found here). I personally have not watched them yet, but am SUPER excited to! The goal of our episodes was to see how different bits influence an upper-level dressage horse. I learned a ton about the way a bit influences the horse and even rode in some exciting new bit setups (we even rode in just the curb off our double bridle, that was weird for me LOL).

(If you want to watch them online, you can see them here for $9.95/monthly subscription:

Post 1 about filming (before it happened):

Post 2 about filming (after it happened):