Lots have been going on!

We are 9 months into rehab post-injury. Lots of things have changed!

For starters, my mom put these REALLY heavy metal things on my front feet. Well, technically one of my only man friends put them on. So it has been weird getting used to that. But they appear stuck there, so it is useless to try and remove them. Can you believe they hammered them in?? However, it is much nicer to trot around and pretend to be a stallion in front of the ladies now.

I have been trying to behave myself during our rehab rides… but on occasion, the red-headed fire-breathing dragon comes out with a vengeance. Oops. Sorry mom (#sorrynotsorry).

My mom did something I can only describe as HEAVENLY yesterday. We have been walking for what seems like an eternity. And trotting long and low in huge arena shaped ovals for another eternity. But yesterday my mom did the unimaginable. She asked for a canter!!!!!! I was so surprised I couldn’t even buck or misbehave and proceeded to provide one lovely 20 meter circle fo canter in each direction. Mom may have giggled at my *what do I do with these heavy metal feet in the canter* canter that happened. But it was heavenly.

Also, I am adding “male model” to my resume. I’m testing out some products that mom keeps throwing on me. That has to increase my yearly salary by at least 10,000 cookies per year right? If not 20,000.

The vets will be rechecking me soonish.. I swear if I get any more needles I’m going to fake lame! Wish me luck.