Fritz is getting a Little Sister! And other updates.

Meet Tempi (Temptation ASH).

This post is really delayed due to some serious shit in my personal life (I’m super lucky to be alive), and it is going to be a long one with LOTS of adorable baby horse photos. But Fritz is getting a little sister! Temptation ASH (Barn name: Tempi) was purchased in utero with a filly-only contract. This adorable little thing was born on June 5th, 2018 and couldn’t be ANY MORE PERFECT! She has the snuggliest personality and big mare ears. She will eventually grey out and be absolutely striking!

She is out of Allie, a Hanoverian mare  ( Al Capone / Matcho x / Lombard ) and by Tomillo VII, a PRE (Andalusian) Stallion  ( Presumido XXXVI / Panadero VIII / Taco II ). She should mature to about 16.2H, and is my next FEI horse! But in the interim she will learn all about being a good baby horse and get lots of life experience.

She is currently at the facility that bred her, Arion Sport Horses, in North Carolina until she is weaned. Then she will come home to Colorado and start learning to be smooshed regularly (she’s already good at it!) and how to be a good baby horse.

Getting checked out before she went to the hospital.

Fast forward from her birth day, 6 days (June 11th). The Vet found an infection and she needed to have her umbilical stump and the infection surgically removed. One of the worst days ever. So happy about my bouncing happy new baby only to find out she needs life-saving surgery. So the next day she was off to NCSU to get settled in for her surgery.

June 13th she had her surgery and they also fixed a small hernia during the surgery, which was successful as was post-op and recovery thank goodness. The poor little monkey tolerated everything so well and really was a champ. She was a vet favorite. She had to be on stall rest for a while, and then do limited small turnout for a while before she could get back to normal foal life.

My car after the accident.

Fast forward to June 17th, I was in a near-fatal car accident. Someone came into my lane and hit me head on, we were both doing approx. 65 miles per hour. At the time I was admitted to the E.R. they found out I shattered both femurs, broke my right ankle, broke 8 ribs, compression fractured 6 vertebrae, had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), tore (obliterated) many muscles and tendons in my legs, Damaged the Ligament/Tendon in my C1-C2 vertebrae, dissected the coratid artery going into my brain, and other problems. I underwent multiple surgeries to fix all the issues I faced to save my life and hopefully heal so that I could live some form of a *normal* life in the future. I spent a week in ICU, 3 weeks in a rehab facility, and was wheelchair bound.

Today (September 13) I am STILL undergoing extensive Physical Therapy and Rehab but am happy to say I am at least bearing weight and hobbling on both legs (they are like robot legs I have so much metal in them) and have a LONG road to recovery. But every day I keep pushing forward and trying to get to my new state of normalcy whatever that will be.

I cannot say how much my horses are motivating me to get better. Without them and the support of SO MANY friends and family, there is no way I would make it through this experience.

OK, back to happy stuff. MORE BABY PICTURES!

Tempi had her Oldenburg GOV inspection on June 29th. Because she was on stall rest, she couldn’t do the full inspection or trot up for the judges, but she is officially registered now. I can present her as a mare to get her scored in a few years. She loved the attention and the day! She is such a doll, she is such a cool and calm baby (which is EXACTLY what I need) and loves snuggles and attention.

And a few more recent photos and videos of her for you because who doesn’t love baby horse photos!!